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Sex Style Unreleased Archives

by Kool Keith

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Prepare 03:50
Yeah she lookin' good from back there. I know her I went to high school with her. Check this out, one time when I get time...um hum Yo girl, take off them drawers let's get busy I'm the road wrecker, they say "yo who is he?" Put on your boots and your fly little G-String Like Snoopy Dog said, it's a G thing I gotta flip your lid, you turn dog style 69, I grind, you come frog style C'mon freak, I know you swing it every week Your sticky underwear soggy in the west heat Don't let me come out to Oakland in a Frisco I don't care where, even in a disco You pack panties and call your friends up I put you on the hood, now crank you Benz up You know the flavor it's titty, titty bang, bang This ain't no cartoon, chitty chitty bang, bang Wash the cootie cat, watch the booty rat...yeah you know what? Chorus: Prepare, when i come with no underwear (Repeat 3x) Prepare when i come Now you actin' up, I got the grease up in the bottle Come and get the work out you hot momma model You do aerobics, you gonna have to bend over Smack that butt, no rubbers bring ten over Stop squeezing your lips and your legs together I wear my latex suit right in the bad weather I let my seat vibrate, you on my motorcycle I have you buggin' and flippin' on your own cycle You say, man oh Keith yo my kitten hurt Let's get on the grass and rugged dirt You know I'm gentle girl easy no pain to be I heard you like it form the back coming anally Let's get a cheap hotel, let's get a cheap motel I got no time for show and tell You better step up girl with clean panties Don't forget your Norforms girl Chorus: (Repeat 6x) Yeah I'm standin' naked in the bathroom Sweepin' your panties with a dust pan and broom You leave a barrel of drawers I still sniff 'em Yo Kurt stand back I need a tow truck to lift 'em I got lotion to pump and more Vaseline My fantasy to freak a honey using gasoline I know I scheme on 'em just like a pro If Dawn was home i'll send my role to En Vogue I make ya jump up and down, yo Keith wind me up I'm in the closet, yo Keith come and tie me up I know you girls out there, I know you like it well I like pancakes, I wonder how that cat smell? We in the dark, yo quick yo pull 'em to the side Yo make it snappy, your mom's waitin' in the ride You better go home, get ready with the masengil I'm comin' naked, meet me on the hill! Chorus: (Repeat 8x) That's right, prepare when i come with no underwear Everywhere. look around as I dare, you stare This ain't no drum you tap the snare This ain't grey bear, look around, smell the air Prepare when i come with no underwear!
Pimp: Yo Keith, let me tell you sumthin' son: Rap is big business. They been signing wack M.C.'s since the begining of time. It's been goin' on, and it continues goin' on... I'm Rhythm X, Kool Keith, Papa Large same time the Phantom Four People in one, sometimes I can stand 'em My lyrics spark the world on a station in your program Girls get wild, this ain't no slimey corny slow jam I walk around sometimes in Santa Cruz, California-I-A and drop the funky news The kids flowin' with speed like Jesse Owen Mexican girls I love 'em mixed with Samoan I go cruz up the west going ta Oakland-Town Passin' Fremont the Caddy runnin' Oakland bound I Turn a right an make a left on a nice block No time for drugs cocaine and a nice rock I might lean to the side like i'm Super-Fly Smoke no skag, i'm bugged and a Super-Guy I might flip out: My attitude change People in America, whoo they think i'm strange I'm not no regular man or the average man I might trip-out, sometimes i think i'm Batman Chorus: Girl: You know the game Keith: This time they gotta play it (Repeat 4x) I read my comic books, I bring my cartoons to life Gangsters and Immortals they can bleed with a knife I straight bug 'em my way, they live their fantasy I seen wilder stuff, what they tellin' me? That's just an act from them, they in a studio Wildin' on wax and perpetratin' in they video I hate to look at TV, I'm getting sleepy They grabbin' Dr Dres' sound try' na get sneaky I see my style so different they can't take it 2 million rappers and everybody wants to make it 4 thirds are wack and stop and clog the industry You wanna sign him? to me i think he sound like pee I was dissed and insulted at the Gavin 800 wack M.C.'s (huh, huh) they kept me laughin' Playing and perpetratin' you thinkin' and debatin' All this time, no one and still has awakened Chorus (Repeat 6x) Flight in, flight out, every single night out Lookin' at people jumpin' you puppets with no clout I got no deal in that part, no half a second movie I stay down low, my music touch still groovy I look at contracts what's up with Warner Brothers? My day on the sliver screens with condoms and more rubbers You bet your socks again, this Bronx kid rocks again Smokin' that blunt your black lungs need oxygen Who you cool with, and stupid who you fool with? Never mind my mental friend i went to school with My style is pro, connecting to a fessional Breaking it down like tiny parts in a mineral I chill and watch M.C.'s, they don't see me 2 hundred 80 million, a thousand try to be me Yo company's are dumb, bum's signin' anything In the long run, you're stuck with a chicken wing Wasting your money these acts they can't rhyme You're dealing with cornflakes, a lemon head an lime Everybody's mean and walkin' up on the scene They're pure bacon, a brand new pack of sizzle lean I hate to walk on over and pull and pick your file Like a bandit i wear a mask and vic your style Chorus (Repeat 8x) Pimp: Yeah, i hear what you sayin' man, you just gotta keep on doin' what you doin' With all these people runnin' the game, you just gotta play the game Goldy know about that, you should know that too. Think about the real players...
Rubba Love 04:42
The Voice Of Reason: Yeah check it out Kool Keith is back ya'll, Big Wille, Papa Large, kickin' the funk for you jealous people out there, check it out. I see you moving your feet, bopin' ya head, noddin ya head, dropin' ya head the sounds of the phantom Kickin' on the dance floor you move and boogie more I represent for the world like the president Strong as a bag of dust, style like and elephant No rapper out there, M.C.'s on my public hair Girls stare section 8 i'm on welfare Collectin' papes and hearing wack city tapes You in the fruit crew rappin' with a bunch of grapes I see M.C.'s on videos and the music box That story's weak that your mean and you're bustin' Glocks You're just an old stone kid, pebble throwin' rocks I'd rather drive and ooh with your girl friend Your man is ugly the kid look like Gentle Ben Don't get hype cuz your style man ain't my type You better step off I see it in your eye Chorus: Don't get jealous your heart pumps rubba love, rubba looove (Repeat 4x) Back again my friend I drop you spin the record One stations' confused and the others can't check it You playin' stuff to me that sounds local I didn't even hear it down south in Acapulco I write national you play it for the whole world Brothers with the perm and girls with the Jheri Curl So many rapper i have to call Sandman Do do in the pollo and everybody's wack man I watch BET and MTV Around the globe all the girls wanna see me I'm in your club tonight I can wear a suit With my man Malik, L.O. spendin' mega loot My pockets fat, my Caddy with a diamondback Mature honey's get wet wanna hit the sack I count 10 thou and throw it on a Coup De Ville I'm up in Burbank with acres out in Cherry Hill I'm livin' stupid and people think I'm Bob Barker With my food stamps I'm home watchin' Archie Bunker My neighbor's nosy that old lady Rosie Sucka's in the musical biz think they know me They buyin' charts and flicks in the Billboard Can't rap for crap with nerve to hold a mic chord I cut radio waves with a Zoro Sword You think I'm small lady in the red Ford You in the mirror lookin' in my face Ah ha, so that's how it is? Chorus x4 Third and Lex I fix my radio a sudden change That R&B live band with singers sounds strange Everybody's a fool if you think it's cool Sittin' with Ex-Lax on the potty stool I got tissue for you in the projects Playin' the bomb drinkin' Balantine X I see brothers in cars pump they Alpine They bought Snoop Dog and want a free tape of mine Shame on you baby paw you so cheap I hop in a Cadillac and drive up the street I see my man, my tape he bought in his hand He got green stacks and props in a rubber band I'm on the wheel side drivin' on the left side Checkin' out honey dips and freaks on the westside I got big blow and all sorts of Bubble Yum Bad breath kids step, rappers need chewing gum I'm like De La, droppin' kickin' more soul Sounds are new and they drum machines sound old Lyrical dummies, I make 'em turn do a summy Girls surprised I'm black and I'm not bummy I ride the train and still flip out on your brain I move your dome to a lot lift it with a crane You on my D head get back off my chisel Chic a chic awwweee Chorus x4 The Voice Of Reason: Yeah this goes out to all the people in the world who are still jealous, Jealous of the next man, jealous of the next girl That's right, still jealous, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Spanish Girl: Buena tienda ahí. Compré un poquito de lingerie. Keith baby  baby Chorus: Give it all from the back, that's where it's all Give it all from the back Girl: You know it's fat (Repeat 2x) Hey yo girl you see me lookin' the freaky deaky phantom The national sex line on phones when i plant 'em Lovin' ya down from your head to your toes Kissin' ya eyes i got my lips on your nose Girl I see ya really sweat your bra n panties wet And if you want me inside I got a condom I gotta shave you tonight, I wanna do it right Don't make it hard the kitty kat tight Come jump around yo girl and grab my back I'm a show you some private shows and how to act Go get your two hands and put it on the kitchen table You givin' love to me don't wake up Aunt Mabel I see you're sexy cherry with the black boots I never perform positions eating fruit loops Chorus: (Repeat 2x) I know she Black, Mexican, mixed with Puerto Rican With brown light eyes her wet middle hear me speakin' I must lick on her, make her be my Lolly-Pop Make her moan and groan and say don't stop I gotta see a new purple funky garter belt Her warm inside, my rubber tell me how it felt I put the light on, her buns and let 'em shine I took her under my wings, now she's mine I give her clothes and pawn shop diamond rings Chinese food a dollar fifty on a chicken wings I take her upstairs and max in the bath tub She give me good love a kiss and a back scrub I wine and dine we drink the cheapest wine Mad Dog, let's take a sip for the road I'm bustin' off releasing all my heavy load You my student, jack it up in the air Chorus: (Repeat 2x) Spanish Girl: Emm Keith Papi, i heard what you did to umm Maria y me dijo que le diste un besito en el... mmmmm... With dark black shades I'm layin' down in the bed With your hot red shoes, you're playin' sleep like your dead I tap you once, you wake up real quick Your other hand there, your other hand on my... I see you down on you're knees going down low You look like Pam Grier young with-out an Afro I give you toys and games in a basket A big dildo a jammy made a plastic You got the KY the man got the jelly Rub it on, and watch me lick it off your belly I like your mirrors and gold chandeliers I wanna make you my wife Chorus: (Repeat 2x) Spanish Girl: Put the cherry's in mi cosita por que... mmm... Sabe tan rico... I was telling Josie que.. Y le dije a Sonia que tú también me hiciste la ffffff  all night, I remember dónde me pusiste la miel. Oh yeah. And that cream, ha... mmmmm... Esa noche nunca la voy a olvidar. Pagará mis panties porque.
Big Eyes 03:58
(Crazy Laughin') Yeah never less as i come in my green Cadillac with my purple cape un-circumcised with no rain coat, with no underwear, prepare for the Phantom With yo big eyes ha huh ha huh, yeah As I lyrical flip my body never wear underwear Girls stare I pluck in they public hair The masquerade i'm crazy with a switch blade I cut jaws the face of a wild shark I love Cal Can "Roof!" can a dog bark I'll bite ya girl make a women catch rabies Then eat Gerber from a jar like the babies I like cereal, yo you Captin' Crunch Juggle my jellybeans, Yo captain munch I like roach spray mixed in my gin and juice You better go get spray and make it strong My tractor trailer, my private piece is quite long Chorus: I look around the corner and see your big eyes (Repeat 4x) As I masturbate every time about 8 The last time I masturbated through the earthquake I saw your picture girl Shirley Temple Jheri Curl You walk around through a toilet and a do do world I know the spokes are white a green Cadillac Polka dot grey I'm satisfied I won't take it back I need the mustard from the Whataburger I spell it backwards I take my girl to king burger You better rush on in an order fries Before I get mad and start peein' in your eyes Like Gomer Pile, "Surprise, Surprise" You seen my drawers of course you see my rubber No fat stretch marks I ain't the one you got the blubber "What the hell am doin' I telling you that?" Chorus: (Repeat 6x) Missile check I'm aimin' four to your rectum With mexican beans collard greens I respect 'em You hold the apples while girls pull they pants down I got a bottles of flies I'm throwin' ants down Like Joe said one time I'm drinkin' straight rum Chewin' they embryo, actin' like it's bubble gum I get inside, bark and crank the truck Cruz up the highway, you out there you stuck You ain't the one I got no cables no goose Look in the back I got no room, see my moose I better hide what's left at 7 Eleven Call the ranger, the phantom at 11 He got black boots and stains on my turtle-neck My mink is yellow and tan female birds peck I got no rags to clean I love the vomit It makes me sexy, my underwear atomic You smell the rose, I'm smellin' cookin' flower I call your house and let it ring for an hour I got to clean up my house set the mouse traps I know one he's grey and cool and the mouse raps I seen 'em seen 'em I seen 'em through peripheral vision (Crazy Laughing) Chorus: (Repeat 8x) Yes, stop peepin' around in my window, I see you lookin' I got no shades, he's comin' after me (More Crazy Laughing) Yeah huh huh, I see you, stop peepin' in my windows (Who's there) All my neighbors, I hear voices (Stay out my business) Little people talkin' to me (More Crazy Laughing) Stay out my business I be going to see the doctor tomorrow, (incoherent ramblings)
Yes, I must come, put the toys away. check it out one time, let me get biz, what's this who this? it's me the man yeah deliverin' every plan, check it out one time, bust a rhyme I be the phantom known as the brother to racer x When girls fantasize my horror, they want sex Abilities, a new tissue thank you please My bang, bang, bang with hammers on my grill cheese You see me nude in fact i'm takin' Theragram Eatin' my pet cat and old virginia ham Yo lady, i'm ready for beans and rice yo thank you mam Yo Sam yo check them panties, yo black smell 'em If they funky what you want me to tell 'em? I seen her walking down town in my complexion Cute thing, pitty pattin' my erection She had to put out the cat and pour the milk out Lick, lick, lick, i'm comin' naked with my silk out Don't try to pay me no mind yo healthy country girl We can play games, how bout me jerkin' off in wayne's world? I see you ready like Eddie, I take you butt to beddy Now put these freak boots on with you black teddy I'm comin' home droppin' seeds on fat wax Chorus: I'm comin' home droppin' seeds on the fat wax (Repeat 4x) Look out i'm comin' with my Mexican sombrero Buritto, borado, my green El Dorado I'm runnin' valley streams into Denver Colorado You play out you toy pimps you bums better stay out I got styles and fingers on the panty line You wear cologne your White Diamond smell fine You hip and hop up, don't make the steel pop up If you was biscuits with gravy you get sloped up Yo wake up, yo pay me your semen's getting wetter I write 'em at home and send a funky sexy letter You gotta go home your baby stay is real early I'm not Larry, Moe or Three Stooge, I ain't Curly Chorus: (Repeat 6x) Yo get up yo girl, no time to get no sleep Answer your pager it's naked man on your beep I'm comin' cummin' baby runnin' runnin' won't you pump it? You thump it you bigga 'ol butt you thump bass My exciting moments releasing stuff on your face I'm cummin' bam, bam and ridin' like a rowdy cowdy You on a horseback and girls step up sayin' howdy I go for miles and miles, I pack piles and piles You know it's cold out, I come to turn the heat on Yo girls step back, change panties turn the beat on Chorus: (Repeat 8x) That's right, comin' home, check it out one time with this rhyme Lyrically I flow, but not like, you know, white like snow, kid when i come around blow, but my name ain't Joe making pizza dough
Slim: Yo wassup this Slim, uh oh you don't know me now? So what, I..oh it's like that, Oh ok, ok I see that I never thought that honey would be playin' I ain't wid it Forget it, it really don't mean much for me to hit it Check the resume, baby they don't call me slim for nothin' Somethin' in her nature had me thinkin' she be frontin' But last time I checked I had status but she thinks she's the baddest black, And I ain't havin' that, dig it Baby what's ya function, cuz I know you be watchin' me from a far when i was coolin' at the bar I am who I are, but I ain't a super-star It's like I wasn't born yesterday, why you tryin' play Now maybe if I kicked the dummy roll then You won't be so cold on the shoulder, but now you best move over Cuz I'm older then you think, think about it But now you be the one that's lookin' dumb So Keith give 'em some Chorus: Keith: Honey tell me wassup Slim: Now girl why you frontin'? (Repeat 4x) Keith: Yeah baby, you just fronted on my man I'm Keith with the ill pack droppin' funk out the Cadillac Yo Slim tell her, she ain't fly need the glass eye I can see the plastic she don't us a prophylactic Hangin' out thinkin' she could meet Wesley Super star movie star, she pulls up in the average car A green Pinto, license plate say Sacramento Who's the person in da club beggin' for a drink? Givin' an eye wink to the brother with a gold link Her friends lookin' at the parkin' lot the silver Benz I'm a regular nigga I ain't got no ends I must be bald look like Bozo The Clown I'm not your average jerk, you need a job go to work Chorus: (Repeat 6x) Keith: Back again I'm here I still could be on welfare You don't care walin' by, the wind blowin' in your hair Lookin' for Sylvester, Arnold Schwarzenegger A Rolls Royce parked, you left your man in his Vega What kind of class did your mom teach ya home training? You walkin' home tonight, awe man it's rainin' Slim: But don't blame the rain because you're weave is loose And your nails are pressed-on cuz yo i got the juice To get another one that looks just like ya So I don't really sweat the situation, cuz girl you got me basin' But how ya like me now, now you know what's goin' on I'm not a trick, not a sucker, not a slip word it born Your game is mad young for a second I can see if you were maybe 16, you be trippin' nah mean? But Hey it's your life you can choose who you wanna But I'm gonna get to goin' cuz I'm knowin' how ya flowin' Ya flowin' is a joke, ya program is broke So peace girl, I'll see ya on a later note (laughing) Chorus: (Repeat 8x) Slim: Yo Keith let me tell you, I was cold swingin' it with baby girl in the club right, but don't you know here comes Charles Barkley messin' my groove all up She runnin' over to Chuck because is Benz is silver and my Mazda's green But that's all cool though because I wasn'r givin' a five cent for cheese on a Big Mack, it's all good yo ceck this out here... Keith: Man I was pulled up man with my black rag-top in my orange volkswagen man with my little mag rims, man nobody looked at me
Remember Me? 04:26
Keisha: Hey wassup Tori? Tori: Yeah Wassup Keisha? Keisha: You heard about this party tonight? Tori: Yeah once again it's on! Keisha: Hey Saquille gone be there, you know we about to gank him for his money Tori: Yeah and I heard R Kelly is gonna be there too Keisha: Let's get pregnant and have they babies, alimony, child support Tori: Yeah that's what I'm talkin' about a little bit 'a child support Keisha: Pay us all your life... Remember me back in the days, I used to call you Practically beg you, to try to get with you I got your pager number, "Rah Rah" let's rip it up Honey's let's toast to this and fellas, let's sip it up How's ya kid, ugly man or the babies? I got chauffeur working with a pearl white Mercedes Yes I do, my lines you can't get through Gettin' beat up by your man your eyes are black and blue Like OJ did Nicole, you're home lookin' old Using detergent, the soap powder called Bold You got nuthin' right now, tryin' milk a cow Six phones in the house, how ya like me now? Getting served in bed deserts on the head 3 time winner naked star I'm a thorough-bred Chorus: Girls: Remember me? Keith: No I don't, where I know you from? (Repeat 7x) Girls: I know you remember me! Keith: No, I don't Continuing you was all that, you got the right man The kids are starvin', bills are comin' where's superman? Ridin' around hittin' switches Talkin' ta broads and all them other fake shhh... You was the women one time always hung with stars Hung in the bars, and rode in all the flyest cars Tryin' be somebody, who you're not You only know a person when his status levels' hot When the party come, you on the guest list A regular member your home-girls like to dis You'd like to give a shout out to your boy friend The Box is on, I hate to see your ugly face again Now you're tryin' meet the Ewing and the Ant Mason The whole Nick team, you steady dream keep chasin' So annoying in fact, security gets you back Around high class folks you don't know how to act Keepin' it real, my pockets with a dollar bill I ride in a cab, I see you walkin' up the hill You got much to say, gossip mouth everyday Go out dutch and all the fellas make 'em pay ?Too much ladies who still weak in the brain? Now you turn on your TV, now you see me on Soul Train Chorus Keisha: Girl look there go Shaquille right there I be back, I'm about to go get them digits Tori: Yeah girl you go do that, cuz that's all he can do for you anyway Keisha: And you know it! Not you, drinkin' Moet and actin' quiet With your lips on that glass, I bet your life you didn't buy it Walking around with your bag from the Conway 34th street, you suck your teeth, turn your eye away Lookin' for the funny Joe, in his ride I'm on your case that that old show Iron Side Hangin' in Harlem eatin' chicken Waiting for your kids father, checks in your WIC in Callin' up kids for Hot 97 tix Tryin' swindle, sneak up in the mix Beggin' in clubs for the front seat Livin' that life style, like pants without a crease You on some new stuff I pull up and I call your bluff Lookin' like that cartoon, the one they call Puff 'N' Stuff I walked around, yo who did I see? The same person in my face with her friends callin' me Chorus Keisha: Shaquille, look at Shaquille Junior, look at 'em he got your eyes, you must pay up now baby, yeah you did the crime, now do the time Tori: Don't try yo fake the funk you know it's your baby, you got the money so why don't you pay up? Keisha: Oh he gone pay up ain't cha? Yeah you are, cuz it's yours!
Freak It 04:07
Yo what's goin' on? I seen what yous was doing, what's goin' on on the corner, how's work out there? Yeah i'm a see you tonight, take care, you know...alright Hey Big Louie, Joey The Man the master mack I got them broads with legs up in a Cadillac I turn 'em doggy style, I turn 'em doggy wild I bought 'em somethin' to eat I made 'em smile They wanna dance double check in a local bar That's my scene the phantom in a Go Go Bar Like Luke said I got ta take a sky walker Pumps and bumps, action man I'm no talker You seen Benny around, he owe my honey's money I'm here for business, yo boss go get Big Sonny I'm into movies, yo Kurt start the camcorder Take of those panties, yo baby start the tape recorder I'm into Dannon yo girls taste the yogurt I don't come quick, professionals control it And who's these singers singin' up in my club Freak it honey rated x Chorus: Freak it honey (with girl) Rated x (Repeat 4x) Now put this teddy on, this red and black baby doll With your high heel shoes, don't worry you won't fall I must admit cha, I have to take a picta When you walk away , I see your left eye switch a I must say you are ready fro bondage As I pull your hair and watch you stretch You look around see the mask of the phantom The skills to your bedroom, I must plant 'em I look in windows and views with binoculars I seen you wash up one time and a spot you miss You don't know, I seen you in a video With MC Hammer, my man Joe, here we go I know you see me, I drive a green Cadilliac With Tender Vittels, you bound to catch a mack smack Yo where's Wille at, the blunt and the Phillie at? I got employees with me selling kitty kat C'mon girl, jump i like a groupie No basket ball star, yo man she ain't doofy C'mon and see the player swinger show Forget them slow jams yo f that singer show I come lay in the spot with now drawers Freak it honey rated x Chorus: (Repeat 6x) Hey yeah come here love, let me tell you a little bit of somethin' in your ear one time (Girl: yeah), I'm a tell ya a little something, let me tell ya, come here My pockets loaded I'm leanin' rollin' in a Caddy The P-I-M-P flex the phantom mack daddy I seen her walk in the clubs with through hips Yo Pepsi Cola come here lem me take sips Get up there girl, yo work it, yo work it when you tap dance Come on and sit down the owner want a lap dance I tip big don't get me mad you smoke a cig Yo Big Ben drops checks and Franky drive a rig I'm swingin' intimate, I got the east coast Yo hand me that phone control 'n panties on the west coast I got no lyrical time, aye yo you waste time I got a meet 'n with some business on my mind I got this taste for greens to feel a bill Money in rubber bands you people think i'm ill I'm keepin' close to home she in a Cadillac I'd rather live well with big steaks in a stack Yo Jack yo give me some credit, put your bet up I got 'em all dancin' freaky Dee's workin' sweat up It's easy baby three records get you live Make 'em spend second pockets and step if they get jive I close down tonight, you stop that fools fight If you come in wild, don't play you bring it right I pull your card, pluck your feathers and your crap game Leavin' you cold with no diamonds and your gold Don't touch my women Franky, play with my money Freak it honey rated x Chorus: (Repeat 8x)
Emz: Yo Keith B, they got your phones tapped, they got he camera's everywhere, yo your whole joint is under surveillance. But i was peepin' it out and yo, i think i can fix it, know what i'm saying. Let me get busy; Then we can get busy. Keith: I'm still the player, the mayor, the street corner government. Increase my growth, my style is dap, so intelligent Fierce with diamonds and rings sparkle on my finger I pose with Ho's, my Lager and my Feld Linger The big casino, with mega loot like Al Pacino Sharing stocks and trading bonds with the whole Gambino Rosa Maria pass me the pizza, for girls who front I tell 'em hasta la vista Riding with the stupid funk, is it real? My trunk full of Mack Ten's, grenades made of steel I got more cash then Clinton, pay off the FBI My game top notch, the phantom known slick and sly I got a house in LA, and one in New York Snitches around, I must be careful when I talk I got the number to call Elizabeth Taylor My movie star girl friend, my mobile home trailer You call your lawyer, let's handle make a settlement It's time for business, your man got to step back Chorus: Keith: It's time for business Emz: Your man got to step back (repeat 4x) Closing deals on Capitol Hill, I spin the wheel I shock point blank range, just like a street electric eel I chew your face off, just like a great white shark Atomic lights on, my Caddy bouncin' in the dark Through 125 and down another live street You in Hollywood, neon lights shine on Vine Street I ride around see my jealous type enemies Some friends of mines on drugs and bad memories Sammy L and Teddy's back sniffin' cocaine They die from heart attacks with bullets in they brain I keep rollin' with the phantom face cryin' Laughin' and gigglin' while everybody's dyin' Who told you open that tube and try to sniff the glue? You in emergency, the room is turnin' dark blue With black potion, I look into the ocean My fast life style is watchin' you in slow motion You got the ketchup, you standing with no french fries Marked for death, with glasses on your dirty eyes I don't know in Jackie's bar who killed Mr Green I was home with my girl friend named Bernadine Don't try to pin it on me, come on Ben Casey I'm workin' 9 to 5, the fed's think i'm lazy I know my game, I'm mad freaky undercover Exotic psycho, and California panty lover I see the news and blood drippin' from my shoes He messed up money jack, i'm not the one to pay his dues Chorus x6 Now detectives appear they want a firm investigation They tappin' my white phone for secret information I get no sleep accumulatin' millions in a week I walk by, you think I'm blind and I never speak I see you scopin' my eye in the back of my head Two blocks away, yo look around, now he's dead Everybody's scheme is all vanilla ice cream i catch you on the highway, put on my high beam You see voodoo, you drop doo doo and a man appear Happy birthday, goodbye in your last year As I stand by your Hearst with the black coffin You been sinning, winning, and flirting with the devil often I hold the spirits, the songs to the murder case No time for demons, don't step up in the phantom face Chorus x8
Kurt: Yo Keith what up this is DJ Kutmasta Kurt, you know i get about 82 thousand 3 million records in the mail, but now i can only play about 2, what's up with that? There are 8 billion 2 thousand white black records They on my scrotum they should be on wack records I know the industry is wet like a labia Everybody's crazy gone hysterical Def Jam flopped the whole Epic was a miracle M.C.'s came psycho, toy like Tyco Poppin' that weak shit like Myers you ain't Michael I left my sons in space behind years ago Coco puffs your crew remind me of a Cheerio You're like a condom an old piece of dried up sperm Don't try to mess with me, you rappin' fuckin' germ M.C.'s come up they call themself now Papa I'm entertained watchin' prime time do do droppa You dissed the naked man, you ain't the boss man I run over panties and heads with a Range Rover I kid nap Amy grab my tapes back from Marc Genova And stick an enema pipe right into Faith Newman You think I'm Lincoln, Abraham, or Harry Truman Chorus: You get yours, cum smeared all in your face You get yours, tell me how it tastes? (Repeat 3x) One two, one two copycats sound like my wife You on my balls kiddie style man sound like Phife I'm illin' tonight, you see me stand with Suge Knight You rappers are scared, now wet rectums get tight You might as well sing a simple song like you're Brandy You wanna be down, put panties on I'll call you Sandy Like Stu watchin' his back, yo that shit is fine Hold 'em and piss David Berk wanna blow his mind Shootin' the jizm, M.C.'s lightin' stinkin' Izm Awe that stink put that out, man that blunt shit I'm on some cunnalingus, women know that cunt shit Gimmick experts your logo's won't make it work As Monica Lynch about the Flinstones Niggas still lickin' my dick like chicken bones Who's on wax with pumps on wack soundtracks? Lisa Cortez or Ed shoulda called me Russell and Lyor, Andre know that shit would bore me Look in your Rolodex Naked Man i come and flex Tie up your anus rectum piece, brothers heads are next Girl rappers lick my ass before they're most famous You name 'em all I gave abortions with hangers "Spread 'em easy people this won't hurt..." Chorus X3 You ran to Pete Rock, you ran to Premier With New York sounds, Professor couldn't save your career Watch your ass Ducket, play me out like Dave Gossit M.C.'s should quit or sign with Tuff City I left management and Alex, fuckin' tough titty I went to Hammers house some people didn't know me Dave Jacobson was lying, what the fuck he just told me? Lookin' back at Tom Silverman's convention Money was made and counted for, not to mention Laminates don't cost much, that shit is cheap Like nigga's tryin' front at Jack the Rapper every week Don't try that hand shake shit my dick is more legit You get yours, cum smeared all in your face You puppets on Jive with budget tryin' a stay alive Suckin' the dick twice of owner kid Barry Weiss You like red dirt the two faced alcoholic Chorus x3 Answering Machine; Sunday 11:37 pm Kurt: Yeah now that's what I'm talkin' about I think I should just take these records and start an ash tray business Or maybe I'll uh just donate 'em to the Goodwill, (huh huh) at least it's a tax write off Aight man, peace
Spread 'Em 02:50
Yeah kick a little freestyle show you kids how I get wild You know, show ya how to make records, do it the right way You listeners out there, you know it's real, you know, it's real Yeah check it out, you know one time I make statements permanent holes in what you say It ain't that riff raff junk and all the garbage that you play College kids know that's a frisbee it's a no no I got thank god it's not released in a promo Chorus: Move on the floor, spread 'em wide eat 'em up (Repeat 4x) I kick one style you Kurt yo drop that record right down They wanna dance yo stupid buggin' c'mon right now Yeah I guess I'll jump up on the record Your A&R man is quite stupid he can't check it My style go again, my style flow again My style kicks like Jim Kelly in a show again Alright you buggin' my brother you still thinkin' A M.C. Battle no comp a rapper still stinkin' You got that deal this time cuz you was lucky man Yo gimme my tape back yo what fuck it man I continue I walk with my heat I burn your style Like a live bar b que smells good I turn your style You don't want none it's rabbit time and duck season Chorus: Move on the floor, spread 'em wide eat 'em up (Repeat 5x) I put my mask on, the thing with me you can't see me My freestyle get wild makin' rappers wanna leave me Yo pack yo bags yo kid you catchin' Amtrak I'm revolvin' like a pin worm in yo ass crack I don't care who, you bad i work your rectum out Give you a shower cap, a rag wipe your spectrum out I see you boogie' n down hop on the first floor I see you boogie' n up hop on the second floor You ain't that good kid, I'm bringin' back more Your crew is over like Breakout and the Funky Four Super Rhymes the Fifth Dimension on they last tour Yo better step back, yo tell 'em that I'm comin' through Chorus: Move on the floor, spread 'em wide eat 'em up (Repeat 5x) I come like Fright Night you come and you fear the funky monster You walk like herman I cut your hair like Eddie Munster Don't try that grampa style you catch a tissue wipe You talkin' big shit ya rhymin' on a tiny mic I freak the funk, I flow 'n funk, I freak it fast ,I freak it past Like scott tish wipe ash You don't know you margarine, come on butter man I hate to say it straight to your face again Kickin' that wack junk you're bound to feel the bass again I don't, I don't, I don't, yo play kid If you must test skills you dummies can stay kid Chorus: Move on the floor, spread 'em wide eat 'em up (Repeat 8x)
Time For Sex 04:38
Sex, X, X, Sex, Sex, X, X, (ha, ha ha ha) Sex I bust massive, my skills to the mil You wanna flex sometimes like Jack and Jill I stand tall the cape the color purple Have you lookin' bugged with your pants like Erkel Don't try to move on my spot, I burn your rectum Your boys step up, yo the cops can't protect 'em Yeah, I set flames to your pubic Make you wanna do do and boogie and feel stupid Terrific, I smoke and feel hieroglyphic The snow, the sun, c'mon boy be specific Amazing, chasing fours and fives of you I'm like a cyclops wild with eyes on you I come step to M.C.'s like Dave Robick Give 'em another name and call 'em Ken Kobick Whatever, go find a tissue that wipes for you Here's my style kid a sticker and snipes for you The kid rollin', the press on my penis I battle the earth and tell your girl have you seen this Back up, see the brother with the helmet The freak man, the kid like Sam Shaft Chorus: Sex, is it time for sex, X is it time for sex (Repeat 2x) Max, who with the panties want it anal? I get deep in that hole de-clog Drano Yes the master man the funky exotic I pull M.C.'s g-stings and get erotic The final one, coming through with the chapter I got the hand the palm gotta smack ya Flowin' like this, flowin' like that, Movin' like this, movin' like that the X bought a Trojan Prophylactic rappers feel plastic I put it on, now tell me do the mask fit? Yo Ronny Filman, I stick like I'm Jimmy Zee With Jeannie Pepper, rappers scream like Ona Zee I get deep in that butt, do construction Change my underwear, an wet up your production I got more booty's to pump then R Kelly Then leave it on your eye piece, right on your belly I'm not Jody, singin' like I'm Watley I see you naked, you still couldn't spot me I come straight up Milwaukee like a brewer Like Roto Rooter, and clean do do out the sewer The masked man, yo duke i'm the panty worker The big wood, the pump and the phone jerker I smack tail M.C.'s they booty for sale You better step off and never come crutchless You don't want none pissed by a therapist I film deep in the back like John Stag Make a rapper screen test hit 'em with a bag In go out, in go out, in go out, yeah rippin' boots from the couch Make you wanna wiggle your pelvis and say ouch Tie me up, so M.C.'s want a whippin' Some feel wet and sticky I smell it in the room One time, check it out... Chorus: (Repeat 3x) M.C.'s actin' all wild with latex Beggin' me hard for stiff love and more sex I gotta load up my tank and my creamer My distribution, my lubrication is CEMA They wanna step on stage pull they pants down The X ready, the freak with his mask down I treat rappers like Dominique Simon Make 'em get the grease use the cord from they telephone You never know hittin' boots with the door closed M.C.'s turn up with glowin' cheeks in my nose The mack planter, the kid left hander Buckets of fruit double cherry's and banana I got you open, ready for your next toy I pull panties, M.C.'s call me Uncle Roy Like Ronnie hymo move stick and tower Hittin' from the back, who can stop diesel power? I come straight up and clear like Rex Borsky M.C.'s charged me what, how much you think it cost me? I take five M.C.'s right to the mattress, watch the tail spin when i smack this I better move, this time catch a angle Make 'em get together hope they clothes won't tangle I stand waitin' for you like Bobby Highlander That's cute a little bear with ya Panda Chorus: (Repeat 4x) Yeah do what you gotta do, get off the stage, take off your boots, and all your lingerie, and the blond wig, cuz, you need it, turn up, put grease all over your face, cuz your ready for something different, lick the jelly
Erotic Ride 04:21
(Mouthed Motor-Cycle Sounds) Girl One: Oh my god girl look is that Keith riding on that motor cycle? Girl Two: Uhhh he's naked! Girl One: That niggas nasty Girl Two: Yep I got my male g-strings, my tiger stripey underwear Gettin' ready with my rubbers out I have to pull my tuffers out Look at lovey dovey let me lick your legs Then taste the pretty clitty, tour naked through your city I see 'em changing faces, i have to poke 'em up Turn that butt dog-style, watch it let me stroke 'em up Leave that ass hanging, facing pointin' at the ceiling I'm takin' drawers off, your lace panties keep revealing You suckin' candy, erotic toys a come in handy Lick my dog and jerk my dick with this Vaseline Hold it, lick it, you never done it, girl what you mean? I'm on the seat drinkin' wine doin' a 69 You my love with titties out, you moan scream and shout I got your car wet, you bet that you fuckin' sweat Chorus: Erotic ride, cruz let me lick your shoes I'm in the paper naked, posin' in the daily news (Repeat x3) Continue lickin' that body piece your pussy needs a stickin' You on my dick sittin', waitin' for the train It's 3 o' clock the Amtrak it hasn't come yet Round and round we fuckin' steady on the grey-hound The bus driver double teamed with a screw driver You on the floor with passengers people cheering more I'm wearing latex, my suits girls wearing capes I'm lickin' stomachs up with peaches some filled with grapes Pouring soda down ya spine between your panty line With your leather thongs, that Dallas Texas ass is mine I'm rubbin' syrup puttin' chocolate all on my body You got the taste for me, well come on lick it hottie Back and fourth you don't moan, I make you fuckin' cough Don't take them panties off, pull 'em to the side When I roll down the highway, I throw your legs up as we ride Exotic fingers rubbing anal grease in your butt Bring dildo's out the sperm 'ill satisfy erotic slut Jammin' bats and base balls down your asshole You scream in pleasure on the bus in the rainy weather Once again I left the Port Authority naked Chorus: (Repeat x3) Super parties I come exposed in the limosine I pick up two cans, I like the smell gasoline Lightin' matches in the back seat, our bodies heat I'm kissin' lips rubbing motor oil on your hips The chuffer's drivin' I'm in that crack pussy divin' It's hot in Miami, four girls start to suck my jammy A she-male drag queen stops and fucks the driver sammy I'm watchin' two films and starin' in one Not old fashioned, with cans of gas havin' fun Wakin' up pumpin butt, I'm still ridin' 3 girls at the light cover up, I ain't hidin' I threw my drawers, and pissed out the window Chorus: (Repeat x5) (Mouthed Motor-Cycle sounds) Girl One: That nigga is so triflin' i hope that mutha fucka freezes his dick off Girl Two: How's he gonna ride around butt naked in front of all these kids? Girl One: Wait, wait and he got the nerve to be wearin' a helmet Girl Two: He needs to be arrested Girl One: I can't believe he has no respect
Wet You Up 04:42
Yeah baby Girl: Hello Keith, are you there? If you're there pick up the phone. Alright baby, I wanted to um see you tonight after I leave the club . Make sure you get back with me I'll talk to you soon...bye I'm on the phone, dialing your number cuz you my only girl Exotic lover like a freak from another world I like your style, your boots and your sex smile You're a dancer at night, baby that's alright Shakin' ya thing entertaining in the neon light Your boss get mad every time I talk to you Your girl friends laugh "go head girl" when I walk with you And some punks don't know, they can't treat ya good I'm just the sex champ to hit ya with that good wood Lay you down and rub my oils all over I got the stuff to make your honey pot boil over i give you tips for trips, I like your clam dips Come and dance slow, and wind for the horny pro Let me wet you up, honey slide 'em down Chorus: Let me wet you up, honey slide 'em down Keith: (Slide 'em down) Let me wet you up, rub it all around Keith: (Rub it all around) (Repeat 2x) I see your girl friends dance, but my eye's on you I give love to sugar brown, you know what to do Makin' money for the kids or the family home I understand baby doll why you purr and moan You walk around the club in sexy underwear Suckers want too much for nuthin' they don't care I'm Big Willie home, my plane just arrived from Rome My Caddy's light green, my rag top is trimmed with chrome I bought you a present, lingerie, here's a gift Don't talk with low budget pests, and hell with Nick Swift I'm the man of your dream, while fools panty scheme Comin' like Will, DR Smith with a laser-beam Lost in space, no class I got taste I'm watchin' you now, take your pennies out her face Here's a 50 there's a lot of people livin' thrifty I know your stressed, perhaps you do need the rest You do your job right, but Marvin wants most for less Back in the cut; he wants to ill again Who wants a man with 20 cents look like Gilligan Come here baby escape, you evacuate Lay up on my shoulders in love and won't hesitate I come and ease up, walk you through the alley My girl from the ghetto, not a nerd from the valley Let me wet you up, honey slide 'em down Chorus (Repeat x2) it's been some hours waiting for you, your greatest fan With my fingers in flavor I lick your juices off my hand You bump and grind and wind, I know that hottie's mine Sippin' on some Seagrams, the smith's see his girl is fine When it's time to close, who be lickin' toes I'm in this piece, while you flashin' for them average joes You rubbin' heads and chairs, in no mattress beds Beauty queens on stage, her friends look like thorough-breds Tryin' lean on the green, ya sista's 19 Tell her watch out, them fake pimp's 'ill make her panties cream You goto college workin' hard for your PHD Then come home and give your soft skin, your love to me They don't know I'm in the place peepin' out the show Drinkin' Heinkens, the green bottles Beck's style Put on your leather and come and learn the next style Let me wet you up, honey slide 'em down Chorus (Repeat x2) C'mon baby, c 'mon baby Wooo wooo wooo baby, wooo wooo wooo baby I want to rub you up baby, I want to rub you baby I want to lick you up baby, I can't wait to lick you up baby


Previously Unreleased recordings from 1993-1996


released November 6, 2007

Produced by KutMasta Kurt for Funky RedNeck Productions


all rights reserved



Kool Keith Bronx

Kool Keith began his rap career with the group Ultramagnetic MCs. After the release of Critical Beatdown, Thornton was reportedly institutionalized in Bellevue Hospital Center. However, he later said that the idea that he was institutionalized came from a flippant remark made during a stressful interview and he never expected the story to become so well-known. ... more

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