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Project Polaroid

by Project Polaroid

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Project Polaroid everything full blast android, exaggerated b boy. I pull the archive, the dogs bark live, Tom put the car in park, drive The pictures await, the art arrive. Red carp, walkin to the limo, with glare under my eyes with pine tar. Cousin of Simpson, ask Bart, tonight we got a whole posse goin to Wal-Mart, on the Bay Area bart. Lookin' for the Bar B Q, Hot links in the shopping cart, resting at the park. Project P-O-L-A-ROID something you need to back up and a-void.
Space 8000 03:38
Robotic contract is my verbal attack , verbal abstract flexible choice , operation flexible voice, orchestrator 1, detonator son sci-fi numbers the megabyte is a ton. Super thelonius , colossal apostle, organic feedback chart system can scientists read that. Fertilize growth or breed back clones for zones, space 8000 circumference ability and measure , the earth caress er. Space 8000 circumference ability and measure , the earth caress er... (chorus) Space 8000....... Space 8000....... My forces of energy is hexagonal, diagonal, outer lining the inner term for chemists re define the vocab going through the research. A lot of rewinding devastation source with speed ahead of light more C elevations like porsche, Gas Electric beyond the oil lamp like a torch. atmosphere 4 thru the corridor, that's right explendid, parallel western the seashore, goretex expedition you ready for position, Space 8000 circumference, space 8000 circumference ability and measure the earth caress er, (chorus) with heavy symmetrical industrial invarious impetuous constructions with adventurous introduction, ears absorb the mechanisms like suction. E force miles away, D toss styles away, Cosmic energy 4 million chronosones on Ebay. Ships on galaxy cruise the hemisphere on Space delay. Brains press record n play, elevation existence above sea level, fibers and metal. Way above B level, the underground right now is on C level. space 8000 circumference, space 8000 circumference ability and measure the earth caress er, (chorus)
Deltron , Major Nelson, Clingon like Falcon, Norelco Gillette, Step to bat like a Met, Mike Piazza, I'm poppin' a lot of Blaza Blaza. My students come to me say yes, all hail the king of big words. Scientific father, transporting delco battery accessories, ingredients for minerals and oil, I collect the coil. Turn worth, 50 g's. My chest can burn off 100 degrees. Flammable mask with overcast. All nucleus is us. The rays coming, the sun damage the universe, they feel us. Talk to the Romans, (chorus) Return to the Romans.... Talk to the Romans..... The sources compel, to jump 335 cars like Kneivel. In front of 5000 people. Acceleration level beyond the rebel, court side view-master on anything you master. Cast a spell phonic, on the rock theater crystal sonic hype ventilation, over mind stimulation, orchestration devastation, no hemisphere thought the plantation out. Altercation UL3 , You will see, step in the bar and you will be....talk to the romans (chorus) The bathroom symphony, hit the tweeters. The delivery expand the production, the beats excel with smpte. Highs crank with bass the motivation is astonishing, the voice go crispy. More than your favorite jazz artist, try dizzy the gillespie. Illustration tougher, the circuitry is better, the highest of jupiter satellites don't test me. Let the galaxy hold me , Disturbance like small plane turbulence. The hospital feed back, operation urgence, dictatorship on a foreseen future. You ain't used to, galactica funk, I jump in back of you dunk. talk to the Romans.... (chorus)
Prince Po: 700,000 gigs of memory, 1/3 of the suns energy, mega-machine scientific epitome. Bio tech titanium steel tiger of dialect, smash em up bionic phonic get scrambled get cybernet. Terminator 16 on the scene , all around the world in 7 days charged off lime green. Richard Reed on them C's, destroy with one rhyme gene. Chaos interbreed body parts of your entire team. Ultramagnetic kinetic said it with dr. oc, jamie summers causin' sloppin's in the parkin' lot, electric boogie her hot box pop it with chocolate cock, bionic tonic planet rock your corroded copper top. Bubble like soda pop, scripted pictures like photo shop, Po bolo, solo flex fold your local robo cop. We flow the knot, equipped with advanced detect mechanisms correct with celestial inject and perfect then exorcisms, 7 billion bionic embryonic, 2009 nasty habits ya'll, I cant call it Kool Keith: I keep in shape, and do my physical fitness add the chemistry hook up more equipment to this. The sea shark analyst with Stan Smiths and rugby shorts on the job. It's all workable the words become flirt able. test the ear for hearing, left side first raise your hand if you don't hear. Don't let the hammer head catch you under water and glaze you like Arnold, you rock without the drumming, I write you a summons give you the guitars wheres the plug ins. Man I'm the stealth ship flying machine. I guess I'm UTFO, I'm only buggin'. The more the cinema, thursday Radius X4, not the Fantastic, flame on, I'm the getaway the purple bandit , the ship connector, wheres the adapter. Be witched, I should've smacked her. Ride out to the Galactitron, wall street finance and collect a bond. With the mothership in my backyard George sold it. mechanical problem, I remember when the lights was on. Parked behind the grey YUKON with the blood sample from planet U ronn..in the darkest of the space I can see if you down round....
I'm Libra 03:22
Release your best lyrics, let me see you stick and stack. You out the cookie crew you cant drop a verse that good. You aint better than Frick and Frack you could stand around and watch the bomb go off, with back packs down to your butt crack. The sharp needle attack the feeble have you in total shock starring at me wrapped up in material like Indian people. lookin' like chics with un even suntans on the beach in Rio. Woman love the vocals they cant see me , treat me like Theo. Red bones come, spanish dark skin and creole. Aries I'm libra, she's leo... (chorus) I drop the gift, my urine hit your lacoste shirt and bounce of your standard smiths. Serena serve, you just miss. You going in a vocal booth is high risk. To record butter soft words on a lie disc. Bad foul shot shooter you gonna turn back to the team and scream, "I miss". With form like Dwayne Wade, i still put it down. With 5 of your best men ........Treat me like Theo, Red bones come Spanish dark skin and creole. Aries I'm Libra , she's leo.... (chorus) You takin' a risk, everybody should have warned you carefully about the temple of piss. The best box to choose when you chess box. I don't care if you baseball cap , button down suits with dress socks. 10 thousand pound throw, let your body guards know I roll with a crew that press ox. The talk, vanishing like the solid food, from your bowels flush down . Come down I come back and rush down, you could move with the Henney a lot get silly and bring dust down. Gain confidence from somewhere and put they only hope and trust down. I say "go ahead, prove to me, you must clown" . Make your first mistake, missing a pop fly. Red around your retina now you got pop eye. Lock eye, your girl got cock eye.
My epidemic is formatted with static dramatic, the baddest PI supreme PI with steam. the 104th street walker aka beat walker, the sharp and neat walker over tone drinkin' corona , side-stepper evolution scheme, pro calisthenics, boost credits from the duration illustration tough, illustration rough , the plaid stay sharp as a pencil designed with a 3 inch cuff, operating drastically, i'm still active B. an octave C O zone, I'm comin' thru technique trebles in pro tone...actually in pro tone... (chorus) The diamond district, my foes forfeit, we shoot a boss flick, girls sport the jordan kicks, more clout than the knicks... The diamond district, my foes forfeit, we shoot a boss flick, girls sport the jordan kicks, more clout than the knicks... My service status, conductor. Lyrical instructor of the BX, Bruckner to supner, upscale division, up-shift switch up lift mix up quick stuff, hype stuff, sick stuff, don't worry I pick stuff that's rough down to the AM/FM, I check one then test and move it like that, into it like that, I do it like that , gravity on tracks I flow through it like that, me and the pen and the pad we both do it like that, take your license to rap I wont let you renew it like that.. (chorus) Organic meals with sway deals, the parlay fills with dynamic force, the mack of course layin' tracks. people, ladies in scores with sparkles on they pores comin' down the silver poles, I spot em on all fours. the hustler expert, ex work, rockin' a decoy your wife wearin' her X shirt over her triple X skirt. Communication convoy , words work together combination destroy , seniority like officer malloy.The best of...don't listen to the rest of....yeah, you got a lot of these people walkin' around, thinkin' they good...you know, I don't listen to 'em (chorus)
The bars is open everybody order your amstel put your hot dog on the grill roll that Phil. Don't tell blunt about the new dance called the Elephant front with kelly this month the belly's we hunt. The pac bell phone the celly's we want she stood up, don't tell me this cunt. Footballs back, I kick and I punt on planes I kick and then jump. Kool Aid, pump the cherry fully loaded like herbie hit bumps. stay high on that burberry. Surrounding that turkey, to cold to go slow down the street eating coleslaw. In a barney suit i seen 'em getting harassed and stopped by the po po. That's the guy. ask somebody, don't know. His lyrics cant get up to a certain height. They come back down the hill and tell him "I wont go".
Kool Keith: I'm the doorman, civil court elevation carrier , Press 18 to go up. Bing bong, you made it. Look out the window off the enterprise your face show up. What is it and who are you. I want it live this planetation now. God dammit, what is this scotty. makin him out to be a 3 eyed monster restin' on the potty. Wait to the bat. The spanish Coconut rum. wearing alloyed practice equal to the slum. ET tour with Igor. From the New Bruns to the sea core, the bay rock with E4. Open the club the psychotic lights, after its over its time for the after effect and grub everybody get they heads rubbed...a massage.. Motion Man: Still double fisted with 2 forties of old gold, I'm covered in regurgitation and ask your wife for sex. man move your borin' ass, you need to come touch grime, grit, grease breath vomit smell chest, Keith honk the enterprise horns, scare that boy with shadow puppets like kanada puppets who kill , I mean Canada. As a kid I looked under my bed, saw the boogie man, I told him that's right you sleep under my bunk and hold my pocket out there when we in population. My circulation azazel, follow my jubilation. Lick my finger, put it in the air, the barometric club temp is low, soft interior, fake make overs classic protection people think they glamorous. Keith stare at that mammal till all their bodyguards turn I Robot with Dan Marino type accuracy I send a spiral and sealy posturepedic mattress him...lay him down lay him down lay him down lay him down...
After party celebrator, ESPN surround me, eyewitness news is a hater. Fans follow me, Janet Jackson's father Joe askin' me for my autograph in the Sheraton Hotel elevator. Down the corridor room 54, metallic porcelain, platinum sprinkles on the floor. Towers with my initials, spotlights over my bathroom cameras watch you, alarms around the bath tub. Monitors watch the mirrors in the toilet tissue. Recline chairs recliner stairs. Automatic feet suspension, that's right , the automatic feet suspension. Times change uphill, times arrange the downhill flames, times change uphill strange...times change the downhill range.... (chorus) Recline chairs that's right. Look at you through see through walls with captain morgan , from another dimension. Your taller than me, but in reality your smaller than me, microscopic . How ya'll gettin' their on cheap private jets. I'm leavin the hamptons with a professional Chauffeur takin' a helicopter down to Florida to catch a rocket with no suitcases. 800 billion dollars in my pocket . Citi Bank metal pants, priced 10 g's. Slacks locked to my body only brinks has the two keys. The uphill strange, facing uphill range, the uphill strange , facing uphill range. (chorus) With the fasten seat belt sign on moving 2 billion miles an hour. 3 men flying a machine 10 times faster than the 944 porsche. Leather couch in the dinin area. Lamborghini dashboard. I get from Denver to Germany in 8 minutes. Rocket-ship enterprise with two way trips to Guatemala, Venezuela. The average guy goin on canoe like a sailor. Sellin 2 million records you couldn't afford. Basketball gym in information , pilots playing spades looking down at your small mansion flyin over the everglades. Callabassas the pool party, automatic navigation. Gravity on the patio, the nextel phone floatin' sippin' on old 800. Power talkin' to stetsasonic Daddy O. With the Yankee jersey, atlanta falcon helmet, 200,000 dollars worth of stuff, a pack of pokemon cards. I'm stokin' your yards, 600 major league baseball cards. From game pro, the same so, I'm down to earth. With a humongous ego. The power people, the power sequel, uphill range, going downhill strange.
Flow from France, invented by John Carmichael maker of the 5th wheel bicycle. Created and designed by engineers of transportation x files with x styles. New age unlimited, presenter of the aerodynamic next styles. Creative maker of the best core of top technology, digital engineering system 4000 megabyte. enlightened to the space shuttle counter with mega hype, blue focus range true focus range. Anything out of human eyesight do focus strange. Rocket ship centrum, gravity control walkin' above the moon diggin' above the rocks , finding metals mixed with ukranium and coal. digital steering, formatted discs illuminated windows, adrenalin rush. with gusto wind ship expansion, I must go in (chorus) Digital Engineering all positive hearing open circuits equilibrium's Digital Engineering all positive hearing open circuits power steering Astrology biology my encyclopedia mind frame moves two truckloads of propane able to control the in vein the remarkable wingspan in air flight where oh..that subterranean Korean tactics motivate with action aluminum concentrated energetic kinetics perfected segments and testaments up-shift slow range with more range parallel form heat seek missiles illustrate I'm more than warm in hot pursuit. Digital steering (chorus) Fast pace destiny location scenery the flow gravitation fly high in the sky like aviation. Dark galaxy for a spectrum transpose to a spectrum. 411 express 411 at best titanium chloroxide splash on my chest enable me to geometry angle west. Nuclear power I'm takin a nuclear shower for a nuclear hour fools I devour destroy the mechanics run off like man...digital steering...
Bigger than rock ever was, the overnight sensation. with Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson at the Cotton club. The limos comin' up to Harlem USA. The black tie affair, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Patti Labelle was there, only 18 in a Ford the Rudibaker with Elliot Ness from the untouchables. I remember that, I had the custom pin stripe suit me and Frank Sinatra wore green, and the crowd, everybody couldn't cope, thats right, The US army, Americas #1 night, CBS television the cameras on me and Bob Hope, the beige cashmere , the top poet in the country shankin' hands with the pope. yeahhhhh (chorus) The overviewer chastizer, mind tantalizer, sun beamin down on your visor, The overviewer chastizer, mind tantalizer, sun beamin down on your visor, The most energetic, the popular extravaganza. The parade at Wrigley Field with Lyndon B Johnson. Based on a true story, the small cable networks couldn't cover such a huge territory. Way before the Hamptons and Eric Clapton. Kool Herc was 11 years old in jamaica. Howard Cosell was a baby, Jocko wasn't even rappin'. Only me and Eisenhower, before the wheels were invented. The first guy to create, electric and power. ya'll was in boy scout camp, with an oil lamp. way before the tennis classics, models on the runways. 21 trucks and me and the original black lady from Star Trek, watchin' Evil Knievel land on the ramp. It gets no bigger than this , the life style ridiculous. yeahhh... (chorus) change your diapers baby, you saw the cameo me on Micheal's navy. My book the number 1 best seller. The horse ranch in Morocco. Three nights in the Hilton, Elvis Presley walks up to me. The lobby is full of paparazzi's, the greatest ever, what brings you to Chicago. I love your music man, Sam Cooke is flyin in tomorrow. Dinner for three, akai wasn't made yet. Babe Ruth bought the Rolls Royce, It was NBC not the MPC. Photographers all around. Martin Luther King, the Nobel peace prize. Chuck Browns father James did the split in a tuxedo. Entertainer of the year. I receive letters by the billions...I thank the people of the wold...including Washington DC....the President can see me...the President can see me......yeahhhhh.
Keith Verse: Executive chess, I play against a wild trained animal you move next . Stylist got you dressed like you comin' in from Budapest Lookin' Burt Lancaster you slowed the circuit down backwards like an old lady drivin' a steering wheel with doctor martin shoes under their polyester suits. I wish the competition create something new faster. Believe me you'll find that place on aster. The heavy and the deep sustain, I kodak freeze your fame pee on your right hand pinkie ring. Stop you while you record nonsense insult your character make you re write your whole thing reject the pie in the studio your mother brang . Show you gorillas when Rodney's not here. It depends on how many burgers your produce before I let you be king. Feel the snap of the yellow jack bee sting with gauze pads on your baggage claim bags any object in my way who brags . Sittin' on top of finnamon deodorant protected rags. ya'll face the awards on the podium, thankin' everyone who made you, dont forget, your girlfriends weight liftin' boyfriends bonin' him. (chorus) Jihad verse: Its jahizzle your nizzle tough as gristle epistle like Paul from tarsus soviet hammer and the sickle. Red diaper doper infant I invent communistic fried drum chum old hot jazz biscuits, wicked. I picket bigots and I boycott the bigamists My johnson TV dinner swanson good like licorice. Suckers on my shit list are shiftless. Stick out like a isthmus lob globs of mucus on snobs who's jobs make them listless. Their effigy in lethargy my weaponry be the crispest. I crackle like a cracker crunch crumble in your mouth call him hairy dysentery bloodys how hes comin' out. me and my crew are thick as Chuck Norris chest mane lets burn this pyre higher throw your rhymes in the death flame. To dunk I jump off two feet J rich, Dominique. Players who push off on ass cheeks like Jordan are so weak. They cheat. No jumpman for me no 23 jersey. Rhyme nerdy lines dirty hurry not girlie mc's curtsy. I'm so merciless I show no mercy. I'm just like Percival my bodies so sturdy, my rhymes are dirty get up early , emcees have hasidic follocks like shirley...temple Keith verse 2: They choose a vowel like Sam. Gettin' hyped up with a 2 piece all sniffed up to the bone. The city fall for the bribery, fast duplicates, Dj's, people follow em. I ignore the imitation replicas, they think they Larry Graham. These dudes are messed up in the mind of high on ham. With Dj's testin' rats ears out with new radio programs , scientific defects bounced off the walls in the projects. It kills me when evil stays 24 hours, everybody whose a demon hangin' their coats on the rack, after companies made billions off biggie smalls and tupac prototypes. People want to remove the devil horns off the top of their head and move it to conscious rap and stab you while you not lookin right in the back and rob you again , show you the floor plan of the commercial map. Mc's linin' up for the circus need to be slapped. I'm a tell my truth like an Israelite a 45th street god strike you with the thunder with lightning speak , wont the parasites move out this week.
Skill is superb to the noun adjective or verb objective activist verbal antagonist linguistics build up to a centimeter languistic anti archaeologist. cant face the height of latitude or follow this with a shallow twist. Predators work hard in the center to find the asteroid level I demolish this . Collectors blow off the dust But I'm titanium steel bars they cant polish this atomicness. To them its hard to me its a irregular flow. Spectators love the common twist written with my arm and wrist with charm and fist you got the ball , you calm and miss. Techno got nothin' on me. I warn , be disaster master, for solo like marco polo. Marco slow flow. The handle like Glen Campbell country rock star. I'm in a country rock car, I check the blondes and brunettes out I'm in a country rock bar. Scientific explanatory, come out the laboratory with the sprinkle tinkles with the handy-wipe for the handy type. Me and Tom and Tim and Raggedy Andy and Sandy are VIP under the handy light sippin' grey goose with sunny delight makin' Kareem Abdul's look alike Sonny Rewrite. Lyrics written by the rabbits with furs and bunny elights. hand me the guitar aka blackstar . Midwestern shoe calhoun cowboy hat in the bathroom. In the back of the saloon. Birthday party with Kenny Rogers champagne poppin' balloons. Limos for everybody you may kiss the bride, groom. Rocks biggest ceremony , ask angel ask tony. more dehydration, water coming down your face...Justice will prevail...its a song about the people...girl...its a sooong...its a song about the people...girl..its a soong....


Project Polaroid is a collaboration of creative minds that can only be described as ‘destiny’. Legendary Bronx rhymer Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MC’s, Dr. Octagon, etc.) joins Bay Area producer TomC3 (Dopestyle 1231) for a festival of witty wordplay, high-power beats, and an all-around good time. Guest appearances by Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Motion Man (Masters of Illusion), and Roughneck Jihad (Third Sight) add even more fuel to the fire and help shape the unique sound of an album that’s sure to become a classic. “The music starts out dark, then develops quickly into something much more colorful.” -Edwin Land “If rhyming is good, then these guys are great!” -MC Tamara T “It’s funky funky noise. Plus it’s funky fresh. Project Polaroid is as funky as it wants to be. Oh, and did I say funky?” -Slither Roth


released April 25, 2006

Produced by TomC3 for Lone Wolf Productions


all rights reserved



Kool Keith Bronx

Kool Keith began his rap career with the group Ultramagnetic MCs. After the release of Critical Beatdown, Thornton was reportedly institutionalized in Bellevue Hospital Center. However, he later said that the idea that he was institutionalized came from a flippant remark made during a stressful interview and he never expected the story to become so well-known. ... more


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